This photo of Orbs was taken ouside my house.

About Myself

Name: Jerry Kinder  

Gender: Male

Age: Old enough to do what I choose, when I choose to do it.

Birthday: November 12

Status: Happy and Healthy

Hometown: Texas

Education: Life

Major: Joyful Living

Occupation: What ever I choose



Email: jkinder@jkinder.com

InstaGram: @jerrykinder



Books: The Bahá'í Holy Text of which my favorite is “The Seven Valleys”. Also I enjoy “Money and the Laws of Attraction” from The Abraham Materials.

TV:  Gaia, The Giver, Nature Programing, and Most Science Fiction.

Quote:  “You get what you think about whether you want it or not.”

Food: My own Cooking

Travel Desinations: The Pleiades, England, America ....